Junttan tuo markkinoille maailman ensimmäisen sähkökäyttöisen paalutuskoneen

20.10.2021 13:01


Kuopiolainen Junttan Oy on rakentanut ja kehittänyt ensimmäisenä maailmassa sähkökäyttöisen lyöntipaalutuskoneen.

Junttanin mukaan uusi kone mahdollistaa suurimmillaan kuuden tonnin lyöntipainon käytön koneen, kun koneen työpaino on noin 70 tonnia. Uuden laitteen uskotaan avaavan Junttanille ja sen asiakkaille uusia mahdollisuuksia vastata tulevaisuuden vaatimuksiin.

Junttan Oy is helping to ensure a sustainable future with the unveiling of the PMx2e, the world’s first fully battery-powered electric pile driving rig. The rig’s hydraulic system is controlled by a modern electric motor that generates power from a battery pack, which has replaced the counterweight.

The PMx2e has been designed to mimic the use of a diesel engine rig as closely as possible, even in challenging working conditions. Junttan was intentional in its quest to replicate the efficiency and power of a diesel rig. The PMx2e offers the same robust structure and usability as the PMx22, but consumes less energy per pile, reduces noise, and delivers more power and instant torque.

Junttan’s PMx2e is equipped with two detachable 396 kWh battery packs to allow for 8 to 13 hours of continuous pile driving.  An external quick charging unit allows the batteries to be fully charged overnight or during the day if needed.

“This new, electric pile driving rig demonstrates Junttan’s commitment to helping our customers build a more sustainable future around the world,” says Junttan Oy CEO Pasi Poranen. “After four years of research and development, we are bringing the future replacement of a diesel enginedeep foundation machine to the market. PMx2e will empower our clients by massively reducing their CO2 emissions and environmental footprint.”

The world’s first electric pile driving rig was commissioned in Sweden in late October 2021 by one of Europe’s premier contracting firms, Per Aarsleff A/S, and its Swedish subsidiary Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB.

Understanding the power of an alliance between manufacturer and end-user, Junttan and Aarsleff formed an alliance from day one known as “Junttan X Aarsleff.” Both had a shared vision of the future of driven piling.

For the first time ever in the history of driven piling, Junttan and Aarsleff saw an opportunity to write a new chapter in the playbook on sustainability. The companies’ combined their respective strengths and 119 years of combined expertise to improve sustainability without restrictions in performance or application.

Junttan’s introduction of the world’s first electric pile driving rig will support Aarsleff’s mission to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that originate from fossil fuels. “The biggest challenge to finding alternatives to diesel-powered machines is the lack of large, powerful electric construction equipment, but machine manufacturers are working hard to solve this,” says Lars Dithmer, head of sustainability at Per Aarsleff A/S. “The future is beginning to look brighter for more environmentally friendly construction sites.”

Read more: Junttan PMx2e DATASHEET

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